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Business Management

Business Communication is a survey course of communication skills needed in the business environment. Course content includes writing messages, reports, and résumés and delivering oral presentations. The course emphasizes communication processes, writing skills, message types, and presentation of data. Business today is by its very nature a global environment, and individuals working in business will experience the global nature of business as they progress through their careers. This course builds on previously acquired competencies by providing an overview of U.S. federal laws in relation to doing business in a global environment. Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting provides students with an introduction to the discipline of accounting and its context within the business environment.

Business Management

Business Management Tasks addresses important concepts needed to effectively manage a business. Topics include understanding the cost-quality relationship, using various types of graphical charts in operations management, managing innovation, and developing strategies for working with individuals and groups. Organizational Behavior and Leadership explores how to lead and manage effectively in diverse business environments. Students are asked to demonstrate the ability to apply organizational leadership theories and management strategies in a series of scenario-based problems. Concepts in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Contact introduces students to the discipline of marketing and its role within the strategic and operational environments of a business.

Radical flexibility requires empathetic managers

Develop and implement strategic business plans to achieve corporate objectives and enhance market presence. In addition, we only included colleges with graduation rates in the top third of all online colleges. This accelerated program follows 8-week terms and allows applicants to transfer 99 credits from other institutions. Applicants are asked, but not required, to provide their educational background and a resume. MDIS values your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

  • The platform allows users to manage and optimize their employee benefits, get real-time monitoring of project activities and costs, and set pre-populated time sheets to reduce the manual load of time entries.
  • The course represents a view into different project-management methods and delves into topics such as project profiling and phases, constraints, building the project team, scheduling, and risk.
  • Key features include project management tools, extensive e-commerce functionalities, and customizable CRM features.
  • A successful educational experience goes beyond the attainment of knowledge from lectures and books; our course supports you to develop the skills, autonomy and resilience needed to succeed in professional life.
  • Still, there are business owners who think that business management is just a single industry.

They also require management professionals to coordinate tasks, manage budgets, and ensure the smooth execution of projects. Career paths in business management are more focused on managing specific teams or … Read More...

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