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While adopters of a four-day workweek might be primarily seeking a business impact — in revenue or employee well-being — there could also be less-obvious benefits. Staffing agency Randstad’s study found 39% of people don’t want promotions since they’re happy in their jobs. New salary data reveals how much TikTok and its parent company ByteDance pay employees on work visas in the US and gives insight into pay levels. Business-travel experts say companies should offer employees stays at hotels with WiFi, food service, a spa, a fitness center, and nearby attractions.

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As companies push for in-person work, they’re also starting to track attendance. Some, for example, are using sensors that can track when someone is sitting at their desk or in conference rooms. One in five college-educated workers worry that AI will replace their jobs. This is a 7% increase compared to when the survey was conducted in 2021.

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As first-time homeowners, they were determined not to settle for less. “I think we traveled the whole of Singapore to find what we wanted,” Colin Yong told BI. Here’s how AI is helping businesses solve real-world problems.

  • On the contrary, we’re going to continue to expand our business and tech coverage over the next few years, in addition to investing in other areas.
  • Here’s what he learned about big tech interviews along the way.
  • While individual stories may be unique, it’s hard to say you can’t find similar content for free, or from similar publications with paid subscriptions.
  • GOP politicians are flocking to Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York to show support, with some hoping for a spot on his presidential ticket.
  • Healthcare-tech investor Christina Farr, 36, said most people tell her they’re relieved to be off camera when she asks to take meetings by phone.

Of course, you wouldn’t know things are so bad from WeWork’s bankruptcy announcement. The message reads more like a company on the rise than one legally acknowledging it can no longer pay its debts, writes Insider’s Katie Notopoulos. But those days are long gone now that venture capitalists have tightened their purse strings. That’s resulting in a cash crunch for late-stage companies, forcing them to fold or sell off their best assets, writes Insider’s Vishal Persaud. After years of a near-zero rate environment, getting money became a lot more expensive. That type of change throws quite a wrench in your plans if your business strategy amounts to burning cash while you figure things out.

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