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Korea Business News is a leading online media that covers the latest trends and developments in the Korean economy, industry, and society. Z Energy’s entry into the electricity sector is helping support EV drivers. US stocks have closed lower after the Dow index reached an intra-day high of 40,000. The ASX200 has fallen 0.9 per cent, giving up half of Thursday’s gains, but still finished the week 0.8 per cent higher.

  • Import prices were 10.4 percent higher in December than a year earlier, according to the Labor Department.
  • In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index was up 0.45 per cent at 20,620.62 on strength in energy stocks, as the price of oil moved higher.
  • Rippling and Zenefits provide HR solutions to help small businesses grow.
  • The actions sent those shares soaring, booking huge gains on paper and dealing heavy losses to hedge funds and to other professional investors who were betting against the companies.

The so-called meme stock phenomenon had been born, and some said it would signal a permanent power shift on Wall Street. Lawmakers and regulators have in recent years focused on the potential threats posted by Chinese phone carriers, which serve a small number of customers in the United States. Lawmakers including Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democrat and the current majority leader, said in a 2019 letter that the F.C.C. should review the ability of China Unicom and China Telecom to operate in the United States.

Who is in charge of Nigerian economy – by Kalu Aja

On Thursday, Alaska Airlines said it had eked out an $18 million profit for the quarter, while JetBlue Airways reported a $129 million loss. But if supplies can’t rebound, then either we will continue to burn off excess demand in the form of inflation, or demand will have to fall. Either scenario would make it harder for the economy to rebound fully from the shock of the pandemic.

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Surge in commodity prices drives growth in Indonesia Statistics Indonesia reported Friday the country’s economic growth was recorded at 3.51 percent, slower than the previous quarter and below government expectation. The impact began to weigh on prospects for the U.S. economy, adding to negative sentiment in markets. Goldman Sachs said in a research note that it would scale back its projected growth for the economy next year and now expected 2 percent growth in the first quarter, down from 3 percent. Researchers at the bank said Congress could pass some version of the bill, with a focus on manufacturing and supply chain issues.