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Consider what’s important for your business before you decide where you’ll be based. Choosing a structure for your business affects your tax, paperwork and finances, so it’s important you get it right. The decisions you make early on can affect many areas of your business, including the licences you need, how much tax you pay and the volume of paperwork required.

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  • “Happy, engaged employees do great work, and company growth will quickly follow.”
  • Learn more about why getting an MBA can be a worthwhile endeavor.

It becomes easy for such a firm to raise loans and obtain credit. The empha­sis will be on a careful targeting of select segments, building one or two strong brands and developing a service-driven relationship with the customers. Porter has also cautioned companies not to get trapped in the pursuit of certain new strategic thoughts that art of late being propounded in order to be success­ful in the 21st century. The organisation has to spell out clearly the product it has to offer.

1 – Example in a Startup Context

Business administration is an all-encompassing field that includes finance, accounting, sales, marketing and human resources. A degree in business administration covers various business-related concepts, while a business management degree emphasizes expertise in a specialized area. Business management, on the other hand, is more detailed, focusing on leading and managing employees within specific areas such as sales, accounting, advertising and operations. There many examples of business among various industries, some more well-known than others. Walmart and Coca Cola are two popular businesses with stores and distribution centers all over the world. Coca Cola functions mainly as a manufacturing business by producing products for other companies to sell.


There are several funding sources for brand new businesses and most require a business plan to secure it. These include the SBA, private grants, angel investors, crowdfunding and venture capital. Product liability insurance protects against claims that your products caused bodily injury or property damage. Legal requirements are determined by your industry and jurisdiction. Most businesses need a mixture of local and state licenses to operate. Check with your local government office for licensing information tailored to your area.


Pfizer and Target are examples of the former; Rutgers University and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are examples of the latter. An organization identified as a ‘business’ is typically understood to be one that seeks profit, and for-profit organizations are the ones that business ethicists focus on. But … Read More...

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