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This week’s OpenAI-Scarlett Johansson debacle probably had a much bigger effect on worries about whether the companies behind AI are operating ethically, regardless of what actually went down. Use Business Insider Intelligence insights, stats, and charts outside of your organization, including PR, marketing, thought leadership, and conferences. These reports leverage proprietary panel data to provide actionable insights on the most important trends in a particular coverage area and rank particular products or vendors.

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These topics are extremely important for our audience and clients, and we’re still in the early stages of developing them. In fact, a large percentage of the editorial hiring we’re planning for the next few years will be in tech, finance, and other business verticals. We’ll continue to expand our business and tech journalism, along with many other topics.

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Insider’s corporate landing page includes a photo of a woman biting into a giant pretzel. (One of my editors, digital tools expert Ren LaForme, quickly tracked it down to Mader’s, a venerable German restaurant in Milwaukee). The picture signals that you don’t need to be a business wonk to take a closer look. Blodget buys the commonplace idea that the internet has disrupted everything in media — the next turn is coming for digital-only sites, broadcast and cable, too. But time and the investment cycle are on the side of well-positioned startups, he believes. A leading whiz kid tech industry analyst in the 1990s after growing up in New York and graduating from Yale, he remains a big-picture guy and a highly optimistic one about digital media generally.

  • User reviews offer valuable insights into its worthiness.
  • A new study suggests healthcare workers use their personal panic buttons more frequently during a full moon, according to a hospital safety company.
  • Microsoft’s answer has been to create Copilots, which can be seen as homegrown ChatGPT-like experiences for existing enterprise customers.

Hedge funds are selling shares of Nvidia to buy these AI stocks instead. ExxonMobil surpassed Tesla as the most-shorted stock in the S&P 500, according to a new report. Other companies investors are betting against include Apple and Airbnb. After a difficult few months, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indices are in the midst of their longest winning streak in two years. But, analysts are split on whether the past few weeks are an outlier or the beginning of a bigger rally. OpenAI, Midjourney, and more are the top AI companies people are spending money on, according to a report from Ramp.… Read More...

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